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Concrete sweeper

PP Nordica has developed a flat sweeper that can be used to advantage in connection with the laying of floating concrete.

The fact that the sweeper is flat means that any bristling fibers lie down more easily, so there is virtually no fiber to be seen in the surface. The fiber sweeper is produced in Denmark and is available in different lengths: 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm.

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Spiked roller

PP Nordica has developed a spiked roller for perforating the concrete surface as an anti-slip protection.

The spiked roller must be rolled on the concrete surface as soon as it is sustainable / hand dry, whereby a perfect non-slip protection is achieved.

The roller is only available in a width of 600 mm

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Submersible pump filter

PP Nordica has developed a special filter that prevents plastic fibers from getting stuck in the submersible pump when the concrete cannon is to be cleaned. Due to its low density of 0.91, plastic fibers will float on top and will be able to clog the submersible pump. Our submersible pump filter prevents this. In special cases where our standard filter does not fit, we can also offer to prepare customized solutions.

The filter can be purchased by contacting PP Nordica.

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