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Crackstop® Ultra M is a mono filament fiber that has an effect in the early hardening phase of the concrete, where there is typically a risk of plastic shrinkage in the concrete.

The fibers can also be used for plastic shrinkage reinforcement in shotcrete, concrete elements and other concrete constructions, for both vertical and horizontal surfaces and at the same time contribute to increasing the impact and abrasion resistance of the concrete.

Both Durus® EasyFinish and Crackstop ® can be used to advantage as a combination solution, just as they can also be used in combination with traditional reinforcement, where the amount of reinforcement can thereby be reduced.

Features and benefits:

Macro fibers emit 90% CO2 less than traditional steel reinforcementand steel fibers per m3 of cast concrete.PP Nordica Group and Adfil have prepared an EPD report documenting a significantly lower CO2 emission compared to steel reinforcement. The EPD report can be requested upon request. The EPD report can be shared upon request.

  • Reduces plastic shrinkage
  • Reduces crushing
  • Amplifies wear
  • Strengthens impact resistance
  • Reduces frost / thaw effects in the concrete
  • Increases durability against chemical influences

Ignis® is a monofilament fiber that is primarily used in tunnel and mine applications, as passive fire protection.

In the event of a fire in tunnels, explosive peeling of the concrete typically occurs.

The phenomenon occurs when the concrete is exposed to high temperatures.

The condensed high-quality concrete used in tunnel projects has the property that the water moisture cannot get away quickly enough. Any pore in the concrete will soon be saturated with moisture.

When the heat meets the moisture, the moisture will begin to evaporate, thus increasing the pressure inside the pores of the concrete. The result of this large increase in pressure is that the concrete peels explosively. This shelling occurs rapidly and has implications for rescue crews and passengers on their way to the area to gain control of the fire or on their way away from the affected area.

Ignis® the fibers are added to the concrete mixture to increase the moisture permeability during the heating at a possible fire, thus reducing the pressure in the pores and thus also the risk of explosive peeling. The fibers will begin to melt at a temperature of 160 ° C.

When the temperature reaches 360 ° C, the fibers will dissolve, giving millions of capillaries in the concrete, where the moisture can escape. Therefore, no pressure builds up and therefore no explosive peeling.

Features and benefits

  • Reduced explosive peeling.
  • Reduced production time.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Reduced permeability.
  • The fibers do not rust or corrode.
  • Improved resistance to plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • Provides a 3-dimensional secondary reinforcement system.

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