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DURUS® EasyFinish is the name of our latest structural fibers, which are a substitute for reinforcing steel in various concrete structures. DURUS®EasyFinishis increasingly used in e.g. floor constructions, strip foundations, point foundations, top concrete and many other construction applications.

By reinforcing concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish fibers, many benefits are achieved:

  • Less CO2 – better sustainability
  • Easier handling
  • Better working environment and safety
  • Reinforcement and casting in one work process
  • Better economy
  • Guarantee for reinforcement in the entire concrete matrix
  • No corrosion
  • Quality assurance is delivered with the concrete delivery note

DURUS® EasyFinish is used today (gradually) in many different construction tasks, such as industrial and warehouse construction, agriculture, port and coastal security, outdoor areas and much more.

Less CO2 – better sustainability

Macro fibers emit 90% less CO2 than traditional steel reinforcementand steel fibers per m3 of cast concrete.

PP Nordica Group and Adfil have prepared an EPD report documenting a significantly lower CO2 emission compared to steel reinforcement. The EPD report can be shared upon request.


By using pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish, you avoid handling and processing of the reinforcing steel, as well as storage on the construction site. There is no material waste from cutting, and at the same time there are no extra costs for any possible rental of lifting machines.

Reinforcement and casting in one work process – Better economy

The time-consuming processes of installing and machining steel reinforcement before the concrete is cast are saved.

By using pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish, reinforcement and casting take place in one and the same work process, as the fibers are mixed into the concrete at the concrete factory and delivered and laid directly from the concrete truck.

This avoids time-consuming resources on cutting, bending, blocking and laying reinforcing steel, and at the same time optimizes your working environment.

Guaranteed correct placement

When reinforcing with traditional steel reinforcement, there is a risk that the reinforcement will be misplaced, which can have fatal consequences on the quality of the finished cast construction. By reinforcing with macroplastic fibers, the concrete structure is guaranteed to be correctly reinforced in the entire cross section of the structure.

The DURUS® EasyFinish fibers are distributed throughout the concrete matrix and thus form a three-dimensional reinforcement solution, thereby ensuring a reinforcement effect in the entire cross section of the structure.

No corrosion

Unlike steel, DURUS® EasyFinish is not affected by atmospheric conditions, possible alkali silica reactions in the concrete or the presence of moisture; all basic causes of corrosion / rust formation. This means that we can offer our customers assurance that projects using DURUS® EasyFinish will have long-term integrity without the risk of corrosion and rust stains on the concrete surface.

Better working environment and safety

Pre-reinforced concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish facilitates the work process and has many advantages over traditional reinforcement. The heavy lifts are significantly reduced, which results in a better working environment. Safety is also increased, as no dangerous transport of reinforcement with machines and cranes is required.

Quality assurance is delivered with the concrete delivery note

Concrete with DURUS® EasyFinish mixed in minimizes quality control work, as the documentation with quantity and fiber type is stated on the concrete delivery note. In addition, PP Nordica Group can prepare specific calculations for the individual project that can be used in the quality control documentation.

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