Strength and load-bearing capacity, crack prevention and fire protection summarize our solutions for slabs.

Durus® EasyFinish increases the toughness of the finished concrete and can completely or partly replace steel bars and mesh.

With a 3-dimensional matrix of fibers the finished product has all the strength of traditional steel reinforced concrete.

Our microfiber Crackstop® prevents a well-known problem for slabs, cracking in the surface.

Crackstop® can be used to advantage in combination with Durus EasyFinish.

 Explosive spalling of concrete when it is exposed to fire, is a serious problem in eg. a tunnel environment. Ignis® microfibers ensure passive fire protection by reducing explosive spalling

Fibers used in a slab can be used for:

  • Residential and multi-storey construction
  • Agricultural construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Retail stores
  • Coast, ports and maritime facilities
  • Bridges and facilities
  • Tunnels and mines
  • Prefabricated applications

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